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PAN Services constantly upgrade quality of service in order to bring to customers peace in mind and confidence in these benefits:

  • Taking care of working environment to create a professional and friendly workplace.
  • Employing well-trained, professional staff and systematic quality control management.
  • Operating without complicated administrative systems, customers can quickly deal with arising issues, eliminate risks and burdens by using PAN’s services.
  • Helping customers to save such costs as equipment and tools for cleaning services.


PAN Services has successfully built the Quality management system ISO 9001:2008 and has been certified by BVQI for the first time in June 22nd 2004. Over the years, this system has been continuously adjusted in accordance with the actual business operations of Pan Pacific. Furthermore, we also concentrate on closely working with consultants to control and review the process periodically.

See our ISO 9001:2008 certification by Bureau Veritas


  • Supplying services with well trained and skillful staff.
  • Using modern tools, equipment and specialized chemicals.
  • Applying the internationally standard quality management.


  • Providing optimal solutions according to requirements and business characteristics of customers at reasonable prices.
  • Adding value to customer's businesses.
  • Making a contribution in creating a clean and fresh working environment.


  • Satisfying complex demands of different customers.
  • Resolving customers’ issues and needs in a timely manner.
  • Continuously improving services quality.

Our services

Building Cleaning

Public area cleaning:

Depending on the customer's request, cleaning service can be regular services or specific requirement services.

Regular services:

The offered services is the full package, including manpower, tools and equipments, specialized chemical for whole the public areas of the building. Depending on the particular area, working frequency can be daily, weekly, monthly or periodically basis:

  • Outside areas: pavement, front yard and perimeter of the building or mansion.
  • Basement area: road, parking, staff restroom, monitor and technical room, the trashcan area,...
  • Ground floor: main entrance, reception area, main lobby, lift lobby, pantry, toilet area
  • Office floor area: corridor, lift lobby, toilets.
  • Garret: The outdoor area
  • Elevator Stairwells and exit area

Specific requirement service:

  • One time or periodical cleaning for public area.
  • Outside services: Perform cleaning for glass, wall, aluminum,...

Tenants office area:

  • The full package regular service (Full-time or part-time).
  • Administrative services: Providing receptionists, general assistants.
  • General cleaning: Carpet, chair, sofa, curtain cleaning.
  • Ground or pavement polishing.

After construction cleaning service:

Cleaning the entire the building, including interior and exterior.

Hospital Cleaning

Cleaning and disinfecting

Providing full package services for cleaning and disinfecting at hospital and health care centre. The services include skilled, trained and professional workers, specialized modern equipments and chemicals.

Our services guarantee safety, eliminate and prevent cross contamination. Depending on the severity of the infection, services are performed in different areas:

  • Outside public area: pavements, yard and gate, perimeter of hospital or health care centre, road, parking,...
  • Inside public area: entrance, hall, reception and main lobby, lift lobby, patient waiting area
  • Low level of infection area: office, technical room, clinic department, doctor’s room, pharmacies
  • High level of infection area: the emergency department; ward of maternity, recovery, special care; operating room; isolation ward; patients room; laboratory and diagnostic area.

Nursing Aide

PAN Services delivers a professional nurse's aid service to hospital, health care centre and other clinics by our skilled and trained staff with a professional attitude of attentiveness, courteousness and interest in caring for patients. 

Factory Cleaning

PAN Services provides the factories with the full service cleaning package or specific services, depends on customer’s specific requirements. Our services include skilled workers, modern equipments, tools and specialized chemicals.

Regular full service cleaning package:

  • Outdoor area: perimeter of plant, road, parking place, guard cabin
  • Office area: entrance, reception area, main hall, hallway, pantry, toilets, conference room, office area
  • Production area: the passage between the lines, production lines, workers’ restrooms, the lighting system.
  • Warehouse area.
  • Import and export area.
  • Other special areas: sample, template room; sterile room.
  • Cafeteria area.

Specific requirement service:

  • Washing and maintaining the floor with specialized chemicals and equipments
  • Washing and applying colloidal to protect the floor
  • Sweeping down the cobwebs
  • General cleaning, including ceiling, wall, floor, toilet…

School Cleaning

PAN Services delivers a full service cleaning package for school, education campus, and learning centre in Vietnam. Our services include skilled workers, dedicated and modern equipments, tools and chemicals.

Our educational facility cleaning and school cleaning services include:

  • Hard and soft floor cleaning
  • Window cleaning - interior and exterior
  • Administration cleaning
  • Dormitory cleaning
  • Classroom cleaning
  • Laboratory cleaning
  • Performing arts and theatre rooms
  • Cafeterias
  • Toilets and showers
  • Gymnasium cleaning

Airport Station Cleaning

PAN Services deliver a full service package to metro station, airport station in Vietnam with skilled workers, dedicated and modern equipments, tools and environmentally friendly chemicals:

  • External public areas
  • The lounge areas
  • Check in, check out areas
  • Boarding rooms
  • Walkway to the aircraft
  • Internal public areas, such as toilets, smoking room...
  • Luggage conveyors belt
  • Office and controlling areas

Supermarket Cleaning

The services for this segment include:

  • Outside area: sidewalk, front yard and back yard, road, parking place.
  • Shopping areas: entrance, main hall, corridor, the counter areas.
  • Stall areas: Processing zone, staff area.
  • The passage between the stalls
  • Offices
  • Warehouse
  • Import and export area
  • Packaging area
  • Locker area
  • Security and controlling area
  • Cafeteria

Nursing Aide

PAN Services delivers a professional nurse's aid service to hospital, healthcare center and other clinics by our skilled and trained staff with a professional attitude of attentiveness, courteousness and interest in caring for patients.

Landscaping Services

PAN Services provides such landscaping services as:

Growing and cultivating, refining gardens, villas, resorts, metropolitan zones...

Pest Control Services

With our expert teams in pest control, PAN Services delivers the following services:

  • Preventing and controlling harmful insects.
  • Environment-friendly insect control solutions.

Facility Management Services

As a trusted brand by many international facility service firms, PAN Services has secured many international contracts on asset management and other facility management services for customers.​

Working time

Mon - Fri: 08:00 - 18:00

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